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Telemediamisr for telecomunication

الحجم 50 - 100 الموظفين
لديها 3 وظيفة خالية
الخبرة المطلوبة
0 - 2 سنوات
3500 - 4000 EGP
غير محدد
20 - 25 سنوات

الوصف الوظيفي

Build a customer-oriented focus in the Call Center by providing quality actions and resolutions to their concerns and queries.
Precertification for Phone approvals to our Providers.
Answer inbound calls as well as assist customers who have specific inquiries
Build customer’s interest in the services and products offered by the company
Provide personalized customer service of the highest level
Update the existing database with changes and the status of each existing/prospective customer/member
Document details of telephone conversation and actions are taken.
Correspond with Call Center Supervisor and Call Center Manager and keep an open channel of communication.
Maintaining records and close-loop each call by completing the clerical duties which include faxing, filling up paperwork, doing checks on credit references, as well as liaising with other departments
Analyze the various parts of a problem properly and develop logical solutions within the permitted scope of work.

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