Marketing Manager - Group of Restaurants

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Sharm Dreams Group

Catering/Food Services/Restaurants
Size: 100+ Employees
Has: 1 Open jobs
Experience required:
5 - 7 Years
10000+ EGP

Job Description


Determine the products offered by the company in line with the basic identity of the global brand and identify its competitors and identify potential customers. Developing pricing strategies with the aim of increasing the company's profits or market share while ensuring the satisfaction of its customers. Supervising product development or monitoring trends that indicate the need for new products and services.



Developing pricing strategies, and achieving a balance between company goals and customer satisfaction.
Defining, developing and evaluating a marketing strategy, based on knowledge of the entity's objectives, market characteristics, and cost.
Evaluates the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development allocations, and forecast return on investment and profit loss.
Negotiating with companies that provide online service via the Internet, such as (Otlob - Elmenus - Uber Eats, etc.) to increase the number of transactions.
Managing all existing marketing activities (BTL) on the menu, flyer and advertising stand. and coordinating with distribution companies (door to door)
Managing all Internet Marketing (ATL) activities and social media (Facebook - Instagram - Google ads.)
Executing all designs that are implemented for the company such as (menus - flyers - packaging ... etc.)
Make promotional offers to customers, which help to increase sales and the number of operations.


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